To start 2023 of with a bang we have just received our all-new Axis T23 boat! It’s the latest model with all the latest surf systems, and we’re really excited about it!

This boat revolutionizes the way you wakesurf. The new surf systems let you customize the waves so that you can always find the perfect ride, no matter what type of wave you prefer, we can make it!

Everything You Need to Know About the Axis T23

Our brand-new Axis T23 boat is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line wake surfing or wakeboarding experience. With its sleek design and high freeboard, it is the perfect boat for both experienced and beginner surfers. Here are some of the key features of the Axis T23 boat:

– Malibu’s Power wedge 3 system: Malibu’s power wedge 3 allows the boat to adjust its pitch angle creating higher aggressive waves or shorter mellow waves to suit all styles of riders.

– Malibu’s Surf Gates systems: The Axis T23 boat comes with the Malibu Surf Gate state-of-the-art systems that give the waves a clean and crisp finish as well as allow the wave to be swapped from regular to goofy without needing to stop!

– Comfortable seats: The seats are designed to be comfortable and supportive, whilst also having backwards-facing adjustable seats so you can enjoy your surfing experience to the fullest with all of your friends and family!

– Large Seating Area: This is a unique feature that allows you to see everything around you whilst always having plenty of room.

Getting the Latest Axis / Malibu Technology

We are very excited to have the latest Axis technology in our boat. The Axis T23 is a great boat for all levels of surfers. It is perfect for beginner surfers who are looking for a fun and forgiving boat, as well as experienced surfers who want a boat that is easy to maneuver and can handle bigger waves.

The Axis T23 features a variety of surf systems that make it a great choice for beginners and experienced surfers alike. These systems include a windscreen, a V-drive system, and a trim system.

The windscreen helps keep the rider dry and protected from the wind. The V-drive system provides speed and stability in waves, while the trim system stabilizes the boat and keeps it in the right position in the waves.


Wakesurfing and wakeboarding are two very popular watersports worldwide. These sports have recently been growing massively within the UAE and now becoming one of the go-to watersport activities within the UAE.

The main question is why is Ultimate Wake the go-to place? There is many reasons starting from:

  • Amazing instagramable views of Dubai’s Skyline
  • Easy access to our facility from all areas of Dubai
  • Large shaded parking area 
  • State of the art Moomba wakeboat with full ballast capabilities
  • World class professional instructors onboard to help give the best 
  • World Leading branded surfboards in various sizes
  • World Leading branded wakeboards in various sizes

We look forward to welcoming you aboard soon!!!